WARNING! This is going to be quite obvious once you read it but if you cant spare the time to read this you will never have the patience to score BIG with Jewelcrafting.

What i will attempt to overcome is the main issue that i hear from players time and time again when it comes to Jewelcrafting;

“How can those players sell the gems for less than the raw gem cost. Jewelcrafting is Impossible on my server!”margin


Before i go into the best way to overcome this and score BIG with Jewelcrafting you need to understand a few terms that i will use during this post.

1. Supply – This is the word used to describe how many of an item is available to buy. This could be over any time span eg. day, week month or even hour.

2. Demand – This is the word used to describe how many of an item is bought in any given time span. Once again this can be a day, week month or even hour.

3. Reset – This is used to describe when SUPPLY of an item falls less than the DEMAND and an item becomes unavailable.


Understand the Market

Jewelcrafting inst a profession that you can win at overnight. In fact most that attempt to do so loose lots of gold and very quickly. If you dont understand this, and importantly, why this is you will just become one of the players that feeds my World of Warcraft bank balance. Oh and to you i say “THANKS!”

So why is this….

Well Jewelcrafting has a long supply and demand wave. At various points in time, the demand is very high for gems. This is mainly around a new patch, as players are gaining new gear at a rapid pace and want to add new gems, or either their spec has changed and they need to change the gems in their current gear. Also there are times when the demand for gems is very low, usually the end of a content patch when everyone has there gear.

This time between the high demand and low demand is what i call the “supply and demand wave”. To understand how this affects how you can score BIG with Jewelcrafting i will explain with a story.

The Jewelcrafting Story

A new patch lands and Bob and his Guild all have new gear from there first raid. They all head over to the Auction House to gem that gear. This causes a large demand for gems and results in the gems he needs selling out. Dave is a Jewelcrafter and he sees that there is very little gems on the Auction House and so crafts some and lists them at a high price resetting the value of the gem. Sarah, John and Pete then see that the price of these is really high and all decide to craft and list gems of there own.

A week or two passes and Sarah, John and Pete have all undercut each other till the price of a gem is way below the crafting price. Sarah, John and Pete are seeing very little sales in there gems as Bob and his Guild no longer need as many gems as they have completed all the content and got there gear. Fred then sees these super cheap gems and buys them all up and holds them in a guild bank till the price is right to sell. Sarah, John and Pete all get bored of posting gems and loosing gold doing so each day and decide to look for another way to make gold. A new patch comes buy and Fred is able to post his gems at a really high price and take full advantage of the really high price and demand.

In this example, Fred is the smart one. He saw the opportunity to buy the gems when the price was at its lowest and understood the market. Sarah John and Pete all lost gold and decided to post on the forums that Jewelcrafting is “impossible” on there server.


Now ask yourself, are you like Fred. Or are you like Sarah, John or Pete?


Learn to be like Fred and you will Score BIG with Jewelcrafting.


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