So apparently this is now available for the SKY HIGH Price of 100k. Do you…

A – Buy it and ride it with Pride

B – Detest players who have it because they have more gold than you

C – Not give 2 shits about yet another mount

I know what category I sit in, but let me know your thoughts on twitter @manthieusmovies

To Buy or not To buy. That is the Question

Well honestly, yes I have bought this. For one reason only, I am getting slightly bored of my Spectral Tiger.

Its slightly sad but I do take some small amount of pleasure from driving round Ashran on this and letting as many players know about it! This I think is the only category of players who will buy this though.

The price of this is just crazy, and it does nothing special! No second seat, no vendor no “spectralness” (quick check in the dictionary to see if that is a real word) It is though a sign to me that the average gold total in the game is at one of its highest points for a long time and blizzard needs a way to get some of it out of the system.

I put forward that theory lightly though as its very apparent, due to some major cock up with professions and the economy so far in Warlords of Draenor, *cough* Dreanic Dust *cough* , that blizzard don’t think things through too much.

Gold has to leave the system though and this is a fine way to do it. Sit players on a shiny new mount and let the economy sort itself out that way.


Back to leveling my alts while cruising on my new mount!