First of all i need to give some credit to the guy who helped me with this. Silenthunder take a bow!

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Selling perfect gems is great for goldmaking for 2 reasons. Its easy to do when you know how, and you will have little competition even on high population servers.


Step 1 – Getting some gems.

uncommon gems

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This can be done via prospecting Ghost Iron Ore. If you have been doing this already your bank may look something like this. Very few people know what to do with these gems.





Step 2 – Setup the Groups

TSM - Perfect cuts groups

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You will want to have a group set up for each of the perfect gem colours. To do so select your jewelcraftings crafts group then import this data. This will give you each of the groups with each of the perfect gems in place.



[Form id="10"]


Step 3 – Create the Operations

TSM - Perfect cuts operations

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For this i create a separate “Auctioning Operation” for each color of perfect cut. This is so that the price we sell the perfect cut for is based upon the material cost to make it. You can once again choose to either copy the picture or use the import data from below.

This will set your minimum price for a perfect cut as 10x the cost of the respective uncommon gem plus 10%. Your Normal and Max price are just greater values of the min.

I personally choose to sell my perfects for 24hours. There is less competition so less undercutting and the listing fee is much lower than a regular rare gem.

If you want to customize this i recommend importing the data below then making any changes you wish.

[Form id="11"]

Step 4 – Assign the operations

TSM - Perfect cuts assign

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Remember once you have created the operations to assign each one to the groupĀ of rare cuts.





Step 5 – Crafting the Perfect Gems

TSM - Perfect cuts crafting 2

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As these gems are considered “procs” you can not assign them a crafting operation. So the easiest method for crafting is to have your jewelcrafting window open alongside the groups for each gem. Hovering over the item in the group will display the tooltip for how many you have already. Working down the list will show even the gems you have zero stock of.